Zasíláme po celé Evropě – We ship all over Europe.


We ship all over Europe

 We use courier shipments to deliver all our products and plants throughout Europe!

 Dear customers, our e-shop is able to ship products all over Europe. Just email us ( for more information about ordering and actual shipping costs to your country.

 Czech Republic and Slovakia:

  • Order directly through the e-shop and select the transporter (DPD or PPL (DHL)).


Other countries:

  • Max. weight of shipment (parcel): 30kg
  • Max. length: 175cm
  • Max. circumferential length: 300cm
  • Standard delivery time: 1-5days, usually 2-3days


 Example of transport prices from the Czech Republic to:

Germany: …..20 €

Austria: ……..25 €

Italy: …………36 €

France: ……..36 €

Poland: ……..25 €

Hungary: ….25 €


Payment terms:

We offer following payment terms:

  • Online credit card payment (Maestro /Mastercard / Visa) (for free)
  • Bank transfer (+1€ for a bank fee)